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Blendtec – My choice

Blendtec Blender
I love my blender, as it has all the functions I needed and which were lacking in my Cuisinart 7 cups food processor.

Now I make smoothies, purees, ice-creams, dressings, juices, and also grind grains.

Before making this purchase I was debating on Blendtec vs. Vitamix, but one of my best friend Rucha suggested me this one.

I’m extremely happy with my purchase. I got my Blendtec Total processor with a fourside and a wildside jar with 8 years warranty from Costco.


Yogurt Maker

Dash Yogurt Maker:

I have been using yogurt makers for so many years. They are very effective for cold climates. My first yogurt maker was Total Chef Yogurt maker, and recently I have purchased a yogurt maker with automatic hours control and display.

It comes with small jars, which are perfect individual size breakfast jars to go.

I also use my large size Pyrex glass bowl, as in our household we do consume lot of yogurt.

Here is the snap of my new yogurt maker. It also came with a recipe book.

IMG_3441 IMG_2384