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Thai Basil

Thai basil is one of the most fragrant herbs I have known. It is a gorgeous plant with brown flowers.

Uses: I use it ofcourse in Thai noodles, Thai curries, also in my fig butter-Thai basil pizza.

In India we Hindu Jains (believers of Jainism) use this plant branches for holy ceremony known as ‘puja’ in the Jain Hindu Temple (derasar). It is a holy plant for most Hindus and plant is referred as ‘Damro’ or ‘Tulsi’.

Care: Water generously everyday.

IMG_7562 IMG_7582

Boxwood Basil

Boxwood basil has a stronger taste than Italian sweet basil. This year, I grew three kinds of basil: Boxwood, Italian Sweet, and Thai basil.

Uses: You can use them in so many ways. I use it in pizzas, calzones, pastas, roasted potatoes, lasagna, and basil infused drinks. I like it especially because you can snap the leaves very easily and it needs no chopping.

Care: Water generously everyday.



Rosemary is my favorite herb as it can be useful in several recipes. I use it in my pizza dough, scones, flat breads, pastas, roasted potatoes, and drinks.

I purchased it from a farmers market and it is doing very well.

Care: Water it generously almost everyday.

IMG_7664 IMG_7606

Lavender Plant

Here is a picture of my lavender plant. As I said in my earlier post I had no luck with this plant last year and it died, but fortunately it is growing very well this year.

It is such a fragrant plant which can also be beneficial in baked goods such as breads, scones, and in roasted potatoes. I also use lavender essential oil in making my own Shea body butter.

The key is not to over water the plant, infact water it every other day unless it is a hot summer day.


Cherokee Purple Tomato

This is one plant, which I believe is the most suitable one for container garden. One can also select Cherry tomato plant or other heirloom tomatoes.

I got this plant in the form of seedling from the farmers’ market and I remember the farmer’s exact words for planting it in a bigger container. He told me to trim bottom half branches of the seedling and plant half of its stem in the potting soil in a bigger container. In this way he said it will grow upright and will have a stronger growth. His advice favored the growth of the plant. Today this tomato plant is doing great. All the harvested tomatoes are huge and really juicy. For all my plants, I have used Scotts Miracle-Gro potting soil and also purchased a bigger container from Lowe’s.