Handpainted Diwali Diyas (Earthen Lamps) & Puja Thali (Holy Plate)

Happy Diwali & A Very Happy New Year!! Diwali is truly a festival of lights and it surely brings prosperity to one’s life.

This year, I hand-painted the diyas myself. I tried to stick to contemporary look, as I already had traditional diyas from last year.

I used acrylic paint on the diyas and covered the thali in handcrafted paper and diamond-shaped mirrors. Check them out.

Fotor110118349 _MG_9011 _MG_9014 IMG_9218



Tea Storage Canister

Storage jar is extremely important for the freshness of the tea and especially when it’s too expensive.

I had an apricot preserve jar with golden lid which I had preserved for future use.

You need glue, teavana original paper bag (any brand you are using), and a pair of scissors.

1. Cut the paper bag from top and bottom. (Try to save the symbol and information of the product)
2. Cut the paper vertically and open up the entire bag.
3. Now wrap it on the jar and glue the ends neatly.

20121028-193936.jpg 20121028-193928.jpg 20121028-193918.jpg

Keepsake Jewelry Box


For this project you will need

  • A keepsake box
  • Tiny toy animal (spray painted with your favorite metallic color)
  • Your hot glue gun

Luckily I had received both keepsake box and metallic elephant (name holder) as party favors. So I decided to prepare this pretty DIY jewelry keepsake case for my valuable jewelry.

I hot glued both the things together. It looks very elegant on my dresser.

20130721-115353.jpg 20130721-115348.jpg 20130721-115158.jpg 20130721-115149.jpg 20130721-115140.jpg 20130721-115132.jpg