Ice Cream Sandwiches

I can’t wait to share this amazing and scrumptious quick dessert recipe. I am combining two of my favorite fall flavors from Trader Joes.

Last fall of 2012, I tried various fall favorites from Trader Joes like their pumpkin spiced chai, apple cider, ginger cookies, pear cider, fresh pumpkin (for soup and stews), and also their pumpkin bread mix.

There was one item in the frozen aisle which use to literally haunt me, as if it is calling me to eat it. 🙂 That was Trader Joes ‘Pumpkin Ice cream’. Well, I was really skeptical to bring it home thinking what if I don’t like it. But, this fall one of the representative insisted me to try it. He informed me that this happens to be their best and quickest selling product every fall season. So I bought it and I totally loved it.

Well, so here is the recipe of my new favorite ice cream flavor with my other fall favorite cookies from Trader Joes.

If you are planning to throw a fall party, then this can be your go to dessert. It doesn’t require any baking or cooking. Just bring home two yummy treats from Trader Joes.

Here is the recipe:

1. Trader Joes ‘Pumpkin Ice Cream’

2. Trader Joes ‘Triple Ginger Cookie Thins’

3. 2 – 3 flakes of sea salt (per sandwich)

4. chopped peacans (optional)


Keep the ice cream at room temperature for 10 – 15 minutes.  So that you can handle it well. Now just scope ice cream with a ice cream scoop and place it on a ginger cookie.

Sprinkle tiny pinch of sea salt.

Make a sandwich with another ginger cookie.

If you want then roll the sides of the ice cream sandwich in a bed of chopped pecans.

Freeze it for 1-2 hours and serve.






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