Carrot Pudding (Indian Carrot Halwa)

Well, this is every Indian’s heart and soul favorite recipe. I’m sure you guys must have tasted it in any of the Indian restaurants in the U.S. It is usually served in the buffet’s dessert section.

Similarly you can make Indian style rice pudding. Just substitute carrots with 10 cups of partially cooked basmati (long grain) rice. I make it with carrots or rice or bottle gourd.

It is a perfect party dessert, as you can make it ahead of time and serve it hot (wintertime) or cold (summertime). It taste great either ways. This recipe will serve approximately 10-12 people.


  1. 12-15 whole large carrots (peeled and shredded in the food processor)
  2. 2 tablespoon of Ghee (or Clarified Butter)
  3. 1 Can of Evaporated Milk
  4. 1 Can of sweetened Condensed Milk (use unsweetened if you are diabetic and add some natural sweetener)
  5. 3 pods of Cardamoms (freshly grounded in a mortal pastel/coffee grinder)
  6. 1 pinch of Saffron (leave it in 2 tablespoon of dairy milk for 15 minutes)
  7. Almonds/Pistachios for Garnish (or cashews or raisins)


  1. Heat up a non-stick or a thick bottom stainless steel pan at low-medium heat setting.
  2. Add ghee and add shredded carrots.
  3. Saute the shredded carrots for atleast 15 minutes, until soft.
  4. Add evaporated milk and condensed milk.
  5. Stir the mixture for 10 more minutes.
  6. Add ground cardamom and saffron+milk mixture.
  7. Cover the pan and keep stirring the mixture in between (don’t let it stick to the bottom of the pan) it until most of the liquids are vanish. (Will take good 30-40 minutes on low-medium heat)
  8. Now garnish it with almonds or/and pistachios.
  9. Serve hot of cool it completely.

Carrot Pudding

Indian Carrot Halwa



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