Cinco Di Mayo fiesta (veggie quesadilla)

This recipe is extremely easy to prepare.

Ingredients for Quesadilla:
1. Broccoli (blanched)
2. Baby portobello mushrooms
3. Fresh Spinach
4. Asparagus (blanched)
5. Any cheese (I used mozzarella and goat cheese)
6. Olive oil
7. Salt and pepper
8. Garlic powder
9. Tortilla (I used spinach garlic and pesto tortilla)
10. One Poblano pepper

Ingredients for guacamole:
1. One Haas Avocado (chopped or mashed)
2. 5 tablespoon Cilantro (chopped)
3. One fresh lime (juiced)
4. Salt and pepper
5. 1 tsp olive oil

Grill poblano pepper, remove the skin and seeds, and chop them very little.

For Guacamole : add all the ingredients and mash it well.

Grill all the veggies (blanched asparagus, blanched broccoli, mushrooms) with olive oil, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Add spinach and 2 tsp poblano pepper in the end.

Take a panini grill. I use calphalon panini grill, which I purchased from Macy’s. Now layer up mozzarella cheese, veggie mixture, feta cheese in half of the tortilla sheet. Now fold over the tortilla sheet in half. Grill it on both the sides.

Serve it with guacamole and chips & salsa.



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