Lavender Shea-Cocoa Body Butter



4 oz of African Shea Butter

1 oz of Cocoa Butter

4 tablespoons of Pure Glycerin

2 tablespoons of 100% Vitamin E Oil

15 drops of 100% Lavender Essential Oil

2 tablespoons of 100 % Tea Tree Oil

4 tablespoons of Olive Oil


1. Boil Water in a pan

2. Put glass bowl (Prepare double boiler)

3. Melt the cocoa and shea butter.

4. Switch off the burner

5. Add glycerin, tea tree oil, vitamin E oil, lavender oil, and olive oil

6. Take a bowl full of ice and put the glass bowl.

7. Whip the whole mixture using a electric hand mixture until it acquires the consistency of body butter.

8. Transfer the mixture in a jar.

I have selected lavender essential oil. You can also choose other scents such as rosemary, peppermint, orange, lemon, sage, clove, cinnamon, or vanilla. Essential oils are usually available in the organic nature aisle of grocery stores. Moreover, you can also check with GNC or Vitamin World.

This body butter is amazing for skin and hair. Next time, I shall try adding mango butter. Its completely organic and natural. Try it. You will be surprised.


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